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Hate to be optimistic . . .

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but I think labor has started for me. I've been having painful contractions since I woke up this morning, around 7:30. They are now about 2-4 minutes apart, lasting about 30-40 seconds. I'm staying at home as long as I can, then going to the hospital's alternative birthing center, where I hope to have a waterbirth. Praying that this really is it (I've never gone naturally before, so this still seems so mild!) ~ cannot wait to see our baby soon!

Sending surge vibes to all you other preggo ladies ~ you're in my thoughts!
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I hope this is it for you E. I would have thought this heat would have pushed me into labor too.

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Woohoo, Elizabeth! I just came over here to check on you, LOL. I hope everything goes really well. Let us know what happens. How exciting!
Yeah!! Keep us posted!
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