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I need some advice from LC's, doulas, midwives, etc. I am helping out a friend who is a SAHM and an amazing artist. She paints the most exquisite oil portraits of pregnant and nursing mamas and children (tandem and extended nursing), and makes beautiful quality prints of the paintings as well as greeting cards with photos and paintings of mamas (pregnant, nursing, both, etc). Her story is an amazing one as she grew up the daughter of German linguists and missionaries in the jungles of Indonesia with a very remote forgotten tribe of people. That's where she learned about attachment parenting.
her website is at:

Anyway, can you email me the names of some catalogues, journals or magazines that get alot of traffic from LC's and similar professionals? I'm thinking they would love to buy prints of her paintings of mothers nursing for their offices.... and cards, etc?

thanks so much,
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