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Have lots of wool jersey - now what?

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I have a lot of wool jersey, mostly prefelted, and I wanted to try to make some covers out of it. I did not use wool with my first child, but I thought I would try it out for my upcoming baby.

I guess I just don't know where I should start. I don't have a snap press, so I was thinking maybe I could just make pull on covers similar to the Ecolovables style. Do I need 2 layers - it seems like it would be pretty bulky that way?

Any general advice about working with wool jersey or constructing this type of cover would be great.
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I'm fairly new to wool too, so far I've only made a pair of shorts. I'm not sure if my material was jersey or interlock, I got both and forgot which color was which.
: I only used 1 layer and they work great for daytime, I've never tried them at night but I'm guessing they'll be too thin. I'm planning to make some 2 layer covers, maily because I like the construction method. I don't have a serger and FOE hates me so I T&T.
I own 1 wool cover by PWP, it's 2 layers of lightly felted "something" and much less bulky than my Windpro covers!

I guess you could try 1 layer and see how it works for you before cutting a bunch of your wool up.
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1 layer wool jersey wool covers work pretty well on most kids - I had one layer wool jersey pants I made for my heavy wetter and they worked great. However, two layer covers make for a bit easier construction since you don't have to fold over edges to make casings for the elastic or bind with FOE because you can turn and topstitch and really, I don't find two layer wool jersey covers bulky at all. They're quite common - popular places like has double layer wool jersey sets and they are still way trimmer than a fleece cover.

Experiment and have fun!
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