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have SA; tastes awful- baby not the problem

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the big kids and embarassingly enough hub n me. have puty some in spaghetti sauce but i need more ideas. we don't generally use sat on our food etc and this is just so salty. taking it straight is out of the question. i tried giving dd a pinch of it straight and she literally threw up. big ds takes it better than the rest of us.
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I've found that the flavor is dulled down quite a bit in OJ.
i put it in capsules. you can get an encapsulator at the health food store or amazon for about $15. i use it for other things, too, so it's worth it. that way it's just easier and DH and i can take as much as we need w/o gagging or trying to hide it in foods. wouldn't help with little ones, but for those who can swallow capsules, it's the easiest option.
i use of for gse, can you think o any reason the 2 shouldn't be drank together?

thanks joy. i know our little hfs doesn't have them, will look into amazon next payday
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We put it in any kind of drink here for the kids. I drink it with water if we don't have juice. I also mix it in oatmeal quite often. My kids are really picky and can taste almost anything extra in their food and drink. I give them 1/4 tsp at a time in about a half glass of beverage.
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