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have to share a funny story

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last weekend dh took ds to the recycling center. as he was walking out the door he says "now you have some time to clean this place"

anyway - ethan had just gone down for a nap and i was NOT about to waste precious alone time cleaning!!!! so - as soon as i watched the car leave i ran to my knitting and because practicing 2x2 ribbing. i knit for about 30 or more minutes.

afterwards i called my friend and said it felt like i was back in highschool waiting for the rents to leave so i could sneak a cigarette (or better!

i never thought knitting would make me so sneaky!!
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That's so funny
Do you guys go to RSI in Pottstown for your recycling?

When I want to knit, I take Talia to the playground. I knit while she runs around. When my husband takes her out and leaves me alone, I *do* clean - tasks that she makes very difficult, and therefore go undone otherwise, like changing the sheets.

Sewing is the one thing I find difficult. She doesn't like me to do any task that involves having my back to her - computer time, stuff like that. I can sneak in internet time (like now) in five minute spurts, and if she pulls on my elbow or climbs in my lap it doesn't hurt anything. Sewing doesn't work that way, though. I end up sewing after she goes to sleep. Then I get to bed at three am and have one heck of a morning the next day... like cramming for finals
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hey tara!
i know your mdc name now! :LOL yes - we go to pottstown to recycle! i used to volunteer there before chris was born until i was about 7 months pregnant with him. do you go there?
That's so funny! :LOL I'm usually like that when I'm working on birthday/Christmas gifts (like I'm supposed to be sewing DH a bathrobe for his birthday) so as soon as he was out of the house the other evening I started taking out all the pattern pieces -- then had to stuff everything back in the envelope when he came right back!
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