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Have to stop bf cold turkey b/c of medications

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I have to stop bf my 30 month old ds now b/c of a syndrome that I have and will be on heavy medications. I have been in a downward spiral the past 3 months and ds eats lots of meals during the deals but still wants to be brestfed all night. I get at least 3 hours of sleep a night and my back is killing along with my other symptoms.
I talk to him every night in a loving way that Momma is tired and my milk supply is lowering by the week. I need advice on how to make my nights easier and not have ds crying all night and eventually I give in b/c I need the sleep. I need to stop bf b/c I can't take my medication until then and everyday I risk the chance of going to the ER.

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What's the medication, mama? Can we look it up for you? Often women are told to stop nursing when really it's just fine. I have a copy of Hale's if you want me to check for you.
I had to stop cold turkey when DD was 8.5 months old because of some meds I desperately needed. Luckily for me, she was used to getting bottles while I was at work so she was fairly easy.

You just have to put your foot down and refuse. It's hard, but it's what you have to do if you really can't BF on the meds. You can't risk him getting hurt. Can you get him to take a bottle at night for comfort while you hold him? The nighttime bottle isn't great, but it's better than having him cry all night.
i know it has to be hard, and i have never been in your situation exactly, but luckily your baby is old enough that you can talk to him during the day and tell him he cant nurse anymore. get him a special night time cup with water that he can only use at night. when he crys cuddle him, give him his cup of water and remind him he cant nurse anymore. or you could always have daddy take the night shift for awhile, that may make things worse though. i think 30 months is old enought that you can try and reason with him. and it may take a few nights of crying but dont give in. you can do it. you need to for your health.
I just wanted to offer a
- not really sure what to say, but this must be so hard for you. I'm sorry.
But 30 months of nursing, what a gift you have already given him, WTG!!
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