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Have you ever declined or thought about declining Glucose tolerance test?

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First I am not asking for a debate on the whole issue.. More of have you ever thought about this or done this...So, please feel free to express your opinion, but I'd appreciate constructive comments and not stuff like "you are being an irresponsible dolt..:

So.. I was chatting with a homebirth friend of mine (lucky girl!) and we got talking about the Glucose test.. I am not sure why it never occured to me in my previous pregnancies.. but I wondered to her if I could decline the test and how "big of a deal" it would be to do so. I think in my first pregnancy doing something radical like that would have been shocking . And in my second I was so focused on getting my vbac I didn't want to rock the boat.. Now, since I am destined for surgery anyway.. who cares how much I rock the boat!!
I know in NY declining the HIV test is huge and results in CPS visitng you and you not being allowed to nurse your baby in the hospital.. Declining the GBS test results in automatic antibiotic treatment of the baby and a 5 day stay for them... But what are the ramifications of declining the glucose test?
I have never "failed" the glucose test. I have no issues with blood sugar normally. Even drinking that drink for the 1 hour doesn't make me sick or feel strage (is that good?) like it does for some people.. I am not measuring big.. and since this baby will be a section.. who cares if they are big.. right?

Anyway.. I have to be IN the office for the 1 hour prior to the test, they won't let me drink it at home and then go to the office.. juggling childcare for my older children will be a PITA..I am really leaning towards declining at this point...


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Well I don't know how much this helps, but I declined the GTT with my son. He was a homebirth with a midwife, and it was no big deal at all.
I doubt you would have too much of a problem since you already have an OB/are getting a section. I tried to decline with this last pregnancy but to do so would have meant that I would have to go into OB care, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Basically, I was told that I either took it or they would treat me as high risk even though I'm thin, eat well, physically active, etc. No risk factors.
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I'm declining glucose test, but I'm a homebirther with a midwife.
Never having been pregnant befoe, I don't have experience with this. But, DH and I talked about this and we will decline the glucose test when they ask. For our own peace of mind, we will just test my blood sugar at home since DH is a pharmacist and has his own blood test kits/strips. I'm not sure how our midwife will react since the subject has not been brought up yet.
I'll be declining the gtt this go around too. Though I don't think the reactions will be as extreme as you described. They are pretty laid back here

I am testing occassionaly at home with my old monitor and I will know if anything goes awry
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I declined, since my diet is already better than whatever they would suggest to me to manage gestational diabetes if I had it. It wasn't an issue with my midwife. She just wrote "declined" and we moved to the next subject.
Declined the GTT last pregnancy and this one.
Did it the first pregnancy, got sick as a dog, and refused it last time and will again this time. Homebirthing with a mw again, though. No risk factors here either, though.

I believe it was in Thinking Woman's Guide? there was a discussion of why its really a pretty bad test. Could you offer to test your actual blood sugar a few times instead? That is much more accurate anyway. Though since you are having a section regardless, I dont see why it would matter much from the OB's perspective.
Declined it here. No sugar in my urine at any point, so I saw no need for it (plus I got ill from trying to eat the jelly beans). Midwife and women's birth center delivery here.
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my midwife told me it is no longer standard here, and if i wanted to take it i could, but otherwise they wouldn't bother scheduling it unless i was showing signs of having some sort of problems.

i do pee on a stick every time i see my midwife (which measures sugar and protein), but even then she doesn't look at the stick, she trusts that if i got a weird result i would let her know.
My other three children were all hosptial births, the last one was with a midwife that was part of an OB practice. I have not had that test since my first pregnancy.

With #2 I was in the process of switching insurance at the time you were supposed to take the test so it was never taken.

With #3 I flat out declined it. I lived an hour away from the lab and it was a big PIA to get there. Not to mention the pee on the stick thing never indicated any sugars.

With this one my midwives are just going to do a finger prick test next week when they come. And if nessesary, my mother is diabetic so I have access to a monitor on a daily basis.

I was told in my last pregnancy I have the right to decline any test I want. I can't believe NY tries so hard to control mothers. How sad.
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I declined all GD testing and fully intend to always do so unless I develop SERIOUS risk factors.

I would never consider it without multiple risk factors.

I declined it while pregnant with my DD, my care was with a homebirth midwife.
I have declined twice now and will again. I do agree to a random blood sugar test and they have me pee on a stick at every visit LOL but I don't personally think the GTT is a very useful one so I decline it (I also decline GBS but I agree to HIV...I also do a blood test for gonorrhea but that is mostly so that I can tell them to shove their silver nitrate while still covering the mw's butt

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I declined it both pregnancies.
I've never had one done with any of my pgs. I'm a homebirther. I didn't even have to decline it, it just wasn't offered.
My midwife is perfectly happy with me declining the test both pregnancies. Preg #1 ended up being a hospital birth at 29 weeks, and they didn't give me any hassle over the lack of a GTT. This preg, I'm seeing an OB as well (in case I have preterm issues again), and I discussed the GTT with my OB and chose to decline it. He's said ok to that.
I did offer to test my blood sugar a few times at home with my dad's glucometer. I DO have risk factors - my dad and all his brothers are diabetic, I started out 50 lbs overweight, my diet is not exactly diabetic friendly
(I'd need some serious nutritional counseling to find enough foods to eat that ARE diabetic friendly because I'm a horribly picky eater), and my babies have both measured at least 2 weeks ahead during the 20s of gestation - just because of their size (although the first would have likely been about 8.5 lbs full term, and this one is looking like probably 9 lbs - so neither one would be considered "huge" by any means!). Oh, and this pregnancy, I've spilled glucose at all but one midwife appointment, but I tested my blood sugar 2 hours post-meal at 21 weeks, and it was 94 - perfect.
Spilling sugar *can* be a variation of normal in pregnancy.

Since your state seems to be so evil about other tests, they might want to test baby's blood at birth to see if they're hypoglycemic? I'd talk to some other NY'ers to see what happened when they declined.
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I plan to decline it. I havent' discussed it with my OB yet, but she is pretty granolly so I doubt it will be an issue.
Thanks ladies.. at least I haven't been called irresonsible, selfish and just plain off my rocker.. like I was elsewhere when I asked this honest question..I was starting to feel like I was the only person in the world that had thought about declining this..
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