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Have you ever had a winter/spring where you are ALWAYS sick?

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Well, not ALWAYS, but it seems we have gotten illnesses after illness, one after another this year. Mostly colds and respiratory stuff. Usually goes thrrough the whole family one at a time a few days apart,so it seems that there is never a time when everyone is feeling good (and no good sleep, becaude we are either up with one or another of the kids or up ourselves feeling bad). We eat pretty well, no vax, kids don't go to school, Bf the 1 yr old, so what gives? My 4 yr old and 1 yr old are sick with fever and aches right now, and 1 yr old is sneezing copious yellow snot. Coughs for them and DH who was sick earlier in the week. What do you think is going on with this. Is it normal to have this repeated illness every once in a while? What would you do?
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How is your nutrition?

Is your youngest still nursing?

Do you have filtered water or is it chlorinated/floridated?

Do you air out the house every so often?

Are you mostly inside/in stores?

Gosh, there is a lot more to consider......
My neighbor said she had a winter like that this year, dh would get something, pass it to one child, then the other one would get sick, then dh would get something else...But the first thing I thought of, as you hs and are prob home alot, was something in the house causing the illness. Anyway, you have my empathy, my kids got sick about three times, and that was enough, especially the lack of sleep part.
Yep. Last fall, from October 1st through the New Year, I caught three colds. Each lasted one to two weeks. That's like six weeks of being sick! When I was well, my two children or my husband were sick. And I was pregnant! My nutrition was fine, my midwife said I was catching different strains of "the cold". It sucked.
Yup... Nov-Mar 2002. DS was 2 and had cold/cough after another. It was his first time getting a lot of germ exposure (and he still nursed a lot!) There were only 3 weeks thay ONE of us wasn't ill,

Now DD's first year she had a lot of colds; DS was in preschool. but thankfully DH and I fared better.

I'm still sick more often than I was in the previous 20 years. But it gets better, the little germ carriers!
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I had one of those...I was living in South Florida and teaching preschool. I think it was mold, and I had several months of respiratory stuff. I hardly get anything now, not sure if it's being dairy free or loads of organic fruits and veggies. My son is now in first grade and doesn't get colds as often, I put him on juice plus (I don't sell it), and I think it has helped. DD and I can't do juice plus, both formulas have tomatoes and she is very sensitive to tomatoes, still nursing. Where do you live?
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