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Have you ever made Wooly WonderShorts or Pants?

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If so, if you have a minute, would you take a look at my WIP on my blog (link in siggy)?

In particular, I'm wondering about the hole in the crotch, the ladder near my crotch-shaping increases, and wavy legs.

Thanks, mamas!
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Check out the WoolyWonder forums.

You'll find lots of wooly-makin' Mamas there, as well as Pamela herself.
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I had a pretty big hole too after I was done. I just went back at the end and closed it with some yarn.

As for the waves, what do they look like on? They looked OK to me though.

They are nice, I like your yarn Mama
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Thanks a bunch! I finished them last night, and I'm really happy with how they turned out. That hole was surprisingly easy to sew up.

And, I do think the waves look just fine on baby. I guess I'm just guilty of obsessing while the work is in progress.

Thanks for the compliment on the wool. It was handpainted by colorway geniuses Nada and Brad.
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