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Have you ever pumped for someone else?

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My friend just found out she may receive her baby at the end of the month at the latest. She asked if I would pump for her baby who will be a newborn when it arrives. My baby is 9 mos old and I said I would. If you have ever pumped for anyone please let me know how we go about doing this and any issues that you may have encountered. Can she give the baby my breastmilk in the hospital when it is born? Will the hospital want to test me? How do we keep the milk frozen transporting it from my home to hers?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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I was pumping for the milk bank at austin, but now pump for an adopted bb boy in the area.....I freeze it in CSF bags all week then give it to her weekly (sometimes my delivery coincides well enough that she gets some fresh from me too which is better. I only give about 12-20 ozs/day.......

are you both in the same town? then it's easy......just pump as often as you can/want and freeze, or better yet if you know you will give it to her regularly enough it's better in the fridge because it looses less nutrients, etc. I think it can stay in the fridge for up to 8 days (check out the LLL web page)

I don't know about the hospital but it's not really any of their biz---what if you were sisters. If you think it will be a prob, can you get tested?

HTH! (you're doing a great thing!)
No advice, just huge support - what an awesome thing you are doing!!!!!!!!

Vanessa...what are
CSF? I have the Gerber bags from when I thogught I would be pumping for my son.
and yes I I can be tested. I have no problems with that. Just wondering what sorts of things to expect.
I have pumped for a friend, but it was after the baby was released from the hospital, so I'm not sure what they might require. You're doing a great thing!

Unless you guys live really far apart, you shouldn't have trouble transporting the milk. Just pop it in a cooler with some ice and you should be fine.
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I would give the baby the milk in the hospital- just make the bottle when no one's looking so they'll assume it's formula. Best way would be to make a bunch of 2 oz bottles ahead of time, put them in one of those insulated bags, and just bring them to the hospital in that. It stays frozen pretty well in those bags when you put in an ice pack. The pediatrician will likely ask what kind of formula the baby is on, so they should decide ahead of time whether or not to tell the truth. Since it's likely you won't be pumping enough for the baby to be exclusively bf, they will have to use some formula anyways.

I would not, however, advise that they announce to anyone in the hospital that it's someone else's breastmilk. One would be surprised how little it can take to get a social worker assigned. And while that is certainly unfair and uneducated- it's still reality, and I would absolutely hate to see their joy ruined by some meddling nurse that thinks all bf'ing is weird and gross....which accounts for about 75% of maternity nurses, IME.

I think it's so unselfish and great of you to do this. are you going to start now? it would be cool to have enough for the baby to not get formula for a few days! good luck!
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Oh yes! I've already started I have about 9 oz from 3 pumping sessions. I think I will get a lot more when my body gets used to the pump and schedule. Hopefully the baby wont come too early. ?Thanks for the advice and any other input is definetrly welcome.
CSF stands for collect, store & freeze (I think)....medela makes the ones I have but there are many brands.....any should work I would think. Like I said if you are close enough in distance to your friends, maybe you could even work out a bottle system, so they get fresh milk and you don't leave any fatty hindmilk behind in the bags when bb feeds.

I agree with PP-- maybe it's best not to tell what you all are doing. get the bottles pre filled with your milk and be discreet. I dunno. good luck-- you are awesome for doing this!
I've given some to my friends before. I've not done it in a hospital setting though so have no advice.

I have an insulated bag that I've put my frozen bags in. Its the bag that came with the pump.
Is the adoptive mom planning on nursing/pumping too? Good luck. hopefully with both of you, you can make enough for a while
I've donated to friends and mamas-in-need's a wonderful way to help a friend and I like to think of dd's connection to her "milk-sibs" as something special they can share when they're older.

While I agree that you probably don't want to broadcast what you're planning to the general hospital staff, your friend may want to ask if the hospital has a milk bank or SNS program for low supply mothers or adoptive mothers. While it may be too much to hope for, I know some medical centers really go above and beyond with their breastfeeding support, and they may be able to assist your friend.

Good luck!
I pumped for a year for a friend/fellow doula who adopted a baby....really cool thing, made me feel like a queen!

I agree, you really should not have any problem at the hospital, what they dont know wont hurt them.

However, have used donor milk many times at the hospital for babies with low blood sugar and whose parents did not want to give formula or sugar water..I think staff was sooo stunned they did not react.

Adopted mom can always claim she induced lactation! She she planning to do so?

We would always transport breastmilk in a cooler.

I really appreciate all the advice. I called La Leche League about the legalities of bringing in someone else's milk to the hospital and she is going to call me back after talking to the legal person.
I know my freind had intended to try induce laction but she can't start until the baby is hers b/c she says 80% of birthmoms change thier mom at the time of giving birth. I imagine it's hard preparing for a baby that in the end may not come.
Thank you everyone so much for your support and advice. I am pumping about 5 oz each time now so the milk is really building up!!
I realize this IS walking the line....but why cant she say she DID induce lactation and say the pumped milk is hers.

OR, have her check with baby's Dr. and have him write in babies orders that baby will be receiving donor milk.

I tried, but a weird thing happened as soon as I started trying - I had huge amounts of milk and as soon as I really started trying to pump knowing it was for another baby, my supply diminished dramatically and I just couldn't really get much. I didn't really know the mom or babe and so I really didn't have many feelings for them, if you know what I mean, so I think this inhibited my response. I would try to think of the baby I was donating to and since I really didn't feel a connection of any kind, not much happened. As soon as I let it go and stopped trying to donate, my supply went over the top again! Just my experience...I know it can be different, and I'm sure had I known the person and the babe, it would've been different...
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