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Have you ever wished for wipes larger than 8x8?

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It seems like cloth wipes that are more like 12x12 would be really handy sometimes. On the go, for face wipes, bathroom use for older toddlers, etc.

Anyone ever wished for a bigger wipe? If not, am I just crazy? If so, did you get any and where? The biggest I've seen anywhere is 8x8.
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I have a friend that uses terry washcloths, just like the kind you'd use for a bath. She grabbed up a bunch when they were on sale once and she is very happy with them as wipes. I'm not sure if they're 12x12, but they are larger than 8x8.
You could probably ask any WAHM that makes wipes to make them larger for you. It would be so easy for them to do.
Yes, I agree! I had this problem some time ago and I ended up buying a bunch of cheap 10x10 washcloths from Target. The size is great but they are not holding up well. I just ordered a bunch of custom 10x10 wipes from Crystal's cloth. I got a different fabric on each side. I cannot wait to get them. We run out all the time around here. I hate working with bunches of little wipes.
8x8 are perfect for my little hands, but i think dh wishes they were bigger sometimes!
My mom made me these big wipes (probably about 12x12) with BKT and I hate them LOL...I keep thinking I need to cut them down to 8x8 which is my favorite size but I am too lazy so I just grumble every time I have to fold them in half in the stash of wipes because they are bigger than all the others!

you could use preemie prefolds for those jobs too

I prefer using lots of smaller wipes myself.
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Yeah, I like the smaller wipes too... actually, I like my Luke's Drawers wipes the most cause they're rectangular (I only have a few brands anyway, so I can't really talk:LOL) Have no idea why :LOL

ETA - The LD are 7.5x9.5, FYI
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I like my 5x8 wipes best. I use the 10x10 wipes for the bathtub.
I have some 10X10 wipes, and 9X10. he 9X10 will fit in a baby wipe container. just not as nicely as the 8X8. I love the larger ones.!! I make some smaller( some like 7X7) and i make some larger 10X10. or 11X11 or even 12X12(even htough I have never neded them that big) Everyone is different and the cheap wash cloths at target are not nearly as nice as velour or sherpa.
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