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Have you ever

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just got tired of cloth diapering?
What I mean is do you ever get tired of all the work involved? Washing them and putting away nice clean diapers used to be fun, now it just feels like extra work.
Dunking, scrubbing, washing, rinsing, rinsing again, hanging them out, putting them all back together ( I use a lot of pockets) and then doing it all over again in a couple of days.
DH lost his job again, he was only on a contract and the contract ended on Tuesday so I am in a foul mood, I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.

Have you ever felt that way, like it just wasn't fun anymore?

I am -----> <--------- this close to listing my whole stash on the TP. *sigh*
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Hang in there! I honestly have never felt this way b/c I just
using cloth every day! I wouldn't sell your stash but maybe take a break from cloth and then decide!
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Yea i hate rinsing the poopy dipes i some times hate folding them. but i buy something new and get so excited all over again......
Yes sort of, I'm kinda burned out on variety right now, like a few weeks ago I realized that I was spending way too much time sorting/matching doublers to fitted diaperss. It lead to a major stash sell off and I feel much better now with a simplier system.

Could you do something similiar and simplify your stash and routine? Maybe just shake off poo diapers and just wash your diapers twice instead of dunking and scrubbing? Maybe put all your clean diapers in a handy basket instead of folding them up and putting them away on the shelf or drawer?
Yes, absolutely, when I was newly pregnant with my second. We moved for a while and I was very sick. I just took a break from it. Then I got fed up with that. There is no going back from CD for me obviously. I started up again with prefolds until we moved back. Take a break, and then see how you feel. Don't sell till then!
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I'm right there with ya... and I truly don't think there's anything to be disappointed about if you take a break. You might find out how much you miss it and be back on the wagon with renewed energy! Don't sell your stash yet!

I took a much-too-long break, and now I'm super excited to get my fluffy mail (my break was so long that DS doesn't fit into any of my former stash).

Don't be too hard on yourself -- you and your family are going through a lot right now.
Sometimes, it's rare but sometimes.. when that happens to me I just stop folding diapers. They can live in the laundry basket or unused crib or whatever until I'm ready and I'll grab what I want when I need it (but I really don't do pockets). I think I'd feel much more frustrated with pockets...

I'm so sorry about your husbands job! I know the feeling of uncertainty that comes with not knowing how long things will be like this. If you're not on the fairy list I suggest you sign up because I'll bet that someone reading this will want to fairy you!
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I have felt that way and do from time to time. When Dd was a newborn and we had no dryer. Ugghhh.

Hang in there and think of all the money you save not buying disposables.
Nope, not yet! But I've always been a laundry freak...I LOVE doing laundry!
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I did that for about three days and used sposies. They were not fun at all though. Maybe save for a minishower? I am almost a master of the Minishower now. I had one almost accident with soraying myself today, but oter than that we are getting better at it!
My experience has been also that simplifying helps. I simplified my older 2 kids stashes and now I am going to do so with the baby's. I don't think I do well with 2 much variety and it has made too much work. Sometimes I go to change him and just stand there looking at everything because there are so many different things that I can't even decide what to put on him. I just want neat stacks of similar diapers and that's it. Maybe that will help you too.
Yes, esp when one of the boys is on a pooping streak! Sometimes the laundry does get overwhelming. Dh built me a clothesline and it renewed my love with my dipes. I just love hanging my dipes up now.
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Yes, I am there now.

I'm taking a break this week and next while I'm in and out of the house a lot taking my older boys to camp ect. Just too much to keep the laundry up while I'm not home.

Take a break and you'll feel better. Just thinking of all the trash I'm paying for and sending out usually does it for me.

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Thank you guys for all of your encouraging posts!

I think I would be so sad if I sold off my stash, DH really doesn't want me to. I feel so fortunate to have a DH that has supported me in cloth diapering.

I just feel so frusterated right now and just tired, if that makes sense. I am sure it's not the cloth diapers fault LOL it's just everything that has been going on all rolled up into a big mess of stress.

Jenn, thanks for recommending the fairy list, I emailed Chris with my info.

Anyway, thank you all for your replies. I am going to take some of your suggestions like not bothering to fold them all. I think that will help some!
Yes yes yes. Definately don't sell anything because it will pass. I'll add my vote for not folding too. That definately helps me when I'm in a slump.
Maybe you could trade some of your pockets for something new on the TP? That way you could have something new w/o spending money and add a little variety to your stash?

Sorry about your DH, I know EXACTLY how that feels. I am waiting to hear from mine now. He might be putting in notice on his job today with NOTHING lined up
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