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Have You Had A Vba3c?

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Please Tell Me Your Stories About Vba3cs!!!!!!!! I Need All The Support I Can Get.
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Not me, but my midwife told me at my last appointment that she had just delivered a vba3c!!
I told her I would have been absolutely crying my eyes out if it were me. She told me mom was too exhausted

It can be done!!!!!
Good luck

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This is my first post, but wanted to tell you I'm having a homebirth after three cesareans this Sept.Oct!! My MW has had clients with 6 previous cesareans!

Good luck to you!
I had my Vbac after 3c's 11 years ago.It was the best experience of my life, 12 hours of really hard challenging pain and work but the gentlest beautiful birth of a precious daughter at the end of it all. So satisfying, so challenging, you can do it!!!

My new gyn referred to me as "a legend" last week after hearing I had a homebirth after 3 c-sections.

My children are now 24, 22, 20 and 11. I have two grandchildren aged 3 and four months.

My experience of VBAC gave me confidence and courage that has changed my life. Women can do anything with the right support people and lots of loving encouragement.

It was so hard but it was SO worth it!

with love
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WOW!! I am so encouraged by these posts. I'm planning my vba3c right now, edd of October 1. And I totaly thought vbackitty would get 0 replies. Nice.

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Are you on ICAN's message board/yahoo group? I can think of two women off the top of my head who have had (home!)births after 3 c/s. If you're not there already, I highly recommend it!
I am planning a HWBA3C in Oct/ November this year too! I am doing all the reading i can do on vbacs especially vba3c...which studies arent really conclusive yet, there arent many done, but i feel confident from what i have read on plus size pregnancy (website and books that i really dont have many fears left LOL! every single day, i sit here and cry and cry these REALLY emotional and energetic tears....and i keep asking the Universe to help me allow this to happen. I will cry SO hard when I give birth finally, after all these years that i have wanted this, and it is going to happen.
I am ready for the hard work ahead, and i really cant wait until i go into labor in my own home and STAY home LOL! Good luck to us all!
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Hey!! Barbara from the ICAN list, right?? I went no-mail a while ago, but I miss my ICAN support girls!!

My siggy there is this.....

Mommy to:
Julian-cervidil at 42wks, pushed 2hrs, forceps, C/S "CPD"
Corinne- "elective" repeat due to scareprovider/ignorance
Josiah- tried VBA2C, C/S for "no fluid"/"dead-baby"card from "Mother-friendly" OB
HBA3C Sept/Oct 2005!!

Cool to see ya here!
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One lady on (The Unassisted Childbirth Forum)has had 4 sections, then 4 hb w/midwives, and her last was unassisted...Yes, she has 9 children and would be glad to share her story! Her name is Ann....we all love her!
My mom had a VBA3C (all three were classical incisions)!
Hey Jackie! I remember you from ICAN. i went no mail too....i just couldnt keep up. Im still planning my HBA3C!! Its going to be wonderful for both of us!
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