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Have you made your own flat roman blinds?

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I love them but they are SO expensive to buy/have made. Have you tried this yourself? It seems so scary!! I'd like to know if they took a long time or were worth the work. I really want to make some out of navy/dark blue canvas or twill material. I've been quoted prices over $800 for three windows!
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I haven't made any but I will be soon. I saw some directions on, they looked simple enough. I have also seen some patterns at JoAnns. Not sure how I will make them yet but its got to be less than $800!
I've made a few, they are one of my favorite styles! Roman shades aren't really hard I think. You just have to keep everything lined up straight and on grain so they hang correctly.
Well, if anybody is interested, I found what looks ilke a fairly simple pattern in a book at the library today called Quick and Easy Home Sewing Projects (by Reader's Digest). I'm going to try it... they estimate each project to take 6-8 hours.
NEVER MIND! Just checked out HGTV, looks WAAAYYY easier. Gonna try it, thanks, FlutterBee!
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