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have you noticed a change in pee frequency...

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we started ec w/our dd from birth. she's 5mos now and for the past couple weeks she pees waaay less frequently. this has been surprisingly hard to get used to! anyone else noticed this change around this age? we keep thinking she has to pee and trying to potty her way more often than she needs to go. I just don't want to have a miss and we're still on her old schedule. thoughts?
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We had a change around 3 months for DD#1. I would say follow her lead. She might ramp it up when she starts teething so enjoy your free time now!
We're late-start, part-timers. We started very gradually at 5 months, and I could never figure out dd's signals, so we EC based on timing. I know for sure of 3 times between 5 mo and now (14 mo) when her frequency changed. It was tricky, because I kept trying to potty her when I expected her to need to, and she would get frustrated because she didn't need to. She's now peeing maybe 8 times a day (haven't written down the count lately), and at 11 months she was at 12-15.
I guess some of it depends on nursing less, changes in eating/drinking habits.
I found that what finally worked was just using diapers and sucking up the extra misses. Sorry. I actually ended up with fewer misses that way because she stopped resisting being taken to the bathroom another
(her opinion not mine) time.
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