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child dies after use of the Pearls methods
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oh, that is so so so sad.
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OMG! That is disgusting.
He was wrapped in a blanket until he suffocated? I just can't wrap my brain around that.
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Very sad. I looked at the article and followed the link to the pearl website. It is the saddest child-rearing advice I've ever seen. The entire thing is about a war between parents and children, not providing emotional comfort, spanking "as needed" (which would be any time the child shows the slightest bit of individuality....). Very sad.
Geez, the article makes it sound like the perls aren't really so bad.

I thought for a minute that the author was going to blast them, but then it turned into another piece about the parents who don't follow the "godly" advice correctly...

Haven't the parents who follow that crap realized that the perls will hang you out if you get caught doing what they preach? I have yet to see them stand up for what they advise in the face of a child being found to have been harmed by their methods.

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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