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Have you won anything at HC!?!?

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That's so cool that their givin' things away over there! I don't have 20 under my belt though, so I need to get that.

But, have you won anything?
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Yup! I got the try it GWTF mama cloth!
You know, now that I think about it... no. I've won nothing! What's up with that?

I have high-speed cable internet even... I use my laptop though, could the fact that I'm using a wireless connection be the problem? I'm starting to get really freaked out!!! I may just have to enlist some help the next time I need to score something...
I dont have enough posts over there and i dont think Ill reach the 20 min in time to win anything.

cool pad winning!

oooh jennie try! i'm going to go party there later this afternoon when hopefully i have 2 hands
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ooo now i get it! i'm such a dummy. i didn't know what you were talking about!!!!
I won the mini mitts from holden's landing. they're lucious!
What are mini mitts??? Sounds intriguing, lol...
nope, I haven't yet - wahhhhhh!!!!!
She's talking about the They are having giveaways. Different wahms are giving away items from there store. They just post in a thread first one with 20 posts that pm's me wins a $25 gift certificate.
I won a gift certificate to Homemama for mama pads and got them today. They look fabulous.
Mini mitts, are like a washcloth that your hands fits in and you can wash with. They are ov and wonderful.
I did
I won the patterns from Dandelion Dreamers and got the fruit, veggie and bag set. I can't wait to try them out! The kids have lots of sewn and felted wool food, but no knit/crocheted wool food so this is perefct
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I won something!!!
I am getting a wetbag from Happy Mama Originals! woo-hoo

...and I
the pads from HomeMadeMama too!!!
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I nosed around the forums there but they looked kinda deserted at the time. Perhaps I should go back?
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yeah, it's quiet over there now....seems like most action is at night
I didn't win anything, but i did "buy" the custom ElBee Wooly Bully with my HC$!
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