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having a tough time finding AIOs

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I have tried several wahm ones but nothing is fitting. her waist is a small but the legs need something with alot of elastic because all the diapes weve tried leave big gaps. help me please!!! i want to use aios so bad!
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Have you tried the big names: i.e. Fuzzi Bunz, Happy Heinys, ellas pockets....etc? Do you prefer snaps or velcro?
i bought a wonderoo and a fb but im waiting on the stuffings for them. id really just like aios because my dh will never get the pocket thing! lol im not picky snaps or velcro
In my opinion, a pocket diaper that you prestuff fresh out of the dryer and have ready-to-go for DH is MUCH simpler than trying to get him to figure out a quick-dry AIO shell + snap in soaker..... he'd probably lay the wrong thing in the shell or fold it in such a way that the absorbent materials aren't even where they must be to be effective, etc....
For the CD challenge pocket diapers, if they are prestuffed and ready for use, are the way to go. Of course, a True AIO is even better, but SO few places sell those as quick-dry styles are all the rage now. Freshies! sells a true AIO and but you have to wait to order those as the mamas are busy and rarely stock/open for orders. Not too many other true AIOs on the market that work well (they also take a long time to dry and people don't like that).

Just my 2 cents!
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I also wanted to add that what I do for In-laws is I dress my little man in soaker pants and leave a front snap fitted with an internal soaker out for them to put on him (aka SOS or Pinhead) so it's just one piece with nothing flapping around, and it's not like they will forget to put his pants back on (which serves as a 'cover'). In my opinion, this is just as easy as an AIO because the fitted becomes an AIO since the clothing does the work of diaper cover (yay wool!).
My son has a thin waist and I had to search for the right combo of waist size and leg size in an AIO. I've found that and have the best AIO's.

Hope that helps!
I have a skinny guy and anything front fastening gapes at the thighs. I stick with side snapping AIOs and they work great. I agree with
Have you tried Little Lambs? There's a lot of elastic at the legs. Affordable and great fabrics, too.
Now I would reccomend LHC in a heart beat great product holds up great but I would not reccomend little lambs....... they run small are made ok and they have a tendancy to wick so I go for LHC as i have a ton of these and never had any issues with them wicking and get side snapping they are adjust the waist and leg seperatly..........
lhc are the ONLY aios that dont wick for us.

eta:the sidesnap dipes sound like they might be the way to go for your baby.
Daisy Doodles have LOTS of elastic. Actually, on first seeing one, I thought it must be too small, but it stretches to fit nicely! It's a shell with lay-in or snap-in soaker (your choice) and optional doubler. Christa now has a waiting list for custom orders (my turn didn't seem to take too long to come up...) as well as instock items. The design would seem to fit lots of body types well, and it's super cute & trim.
These have been wonderful for us. I know she has an auction going right now, or you can order off her website, which is included in the description of her auction!

DS is also thick thighed and thin waisted; he's on the largest thigh snap in his LL large AIO, but the XL LL is sooo big in the waist. I've been meaning to ask her if she'd add a snap to the waist for me; I'm sure she will; if not i know a mom with a snap press who will, but her snaps don't match LL's....

I only have 3 for the cute print factor
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