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=) Thanks K for your recent answer about c/s -- that helps me too. I've been reluctant to have the support conversations, but I'm not anymore. In fact I just brought it up tonight, and I've never seen stbx disappear so fast! Well, good to know what works, I guess....
I really wasn't in the mood to hear about his grad school talk tonight. It's extraordinary, the man is now talking about going for a PhD in social work, and as far as I can make out is contemplating paying essentially no support for the next 5-6 years. He'll have the best intentions, of course. New career at the end of the rainbow. Lots of talk about the goldmine in treating military PTSD victims. (Actually last night it was about the goldmine in research on new spouses of ex-spouses of people with borderline personality disorder.) Too bad the new career doesn't pay as much as the one he's got now, and it'd be years before he even matched the disability payout.

Oh...I just realized he's about to turn in an incomplete grad-school app, too. Apparently he bombed out of grad school the first time, and is thinking he just won't include that transcript in his app. I've gotten so used to just nodding and saying "Sure, that sounds great, good idea," to whatever he says (otherwise I'm trying to shoot him down, being unsupportive, etc.) that I'm hardly listening to the words anymore....
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