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Having trouble CDing my newborn!

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My DD is 3 weeks old and I've been using disp. more often than not b/c I just can't get this newborn dipe thing down. (I didn't start CDing DS til he was 6 weeks old so I don't have exp. with really new babies and cds).

All I have is infant prefolds. They were way too big for her until last week--she was 7 lb.s at birth.Now she is 8.5 lbs. and the newborn Proraps and Bummis covers fit great. She's petite even though she's gaining! But the infant prefolds are soooo bulky. Yet she soaks 'em faster than I can change them! And a doubler makes it wayy too bulky.

So here I am using disp. which I had totally NOT planned to do. I know in a few weeks it will all get the meantime any suggestions? I had no trouble diapering my son at 6 weeks, but he was a lot bigger and perhaps everything fit him better....TIA!
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Is she leaking?
Maybe try UTN contours or birdseye contours from IISO ?
I'm wondering if it's the whole Infant PF that's soaked or just part of it? and, are you laying the PF in the covers? For my heavy wettin' babe, I would fold the infant PFs into 1/3 or 1/4 with the most padded part running horizontally in the diaper.
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