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Having trouble finding the right insert

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Hi all! I'm not sure anyone will be able to help me.

A little background: I am totally outfitted with FuzziBunz covers & have used them on my son since birth. We used the "green-timmed" chinese prefolds in the Small & Medium FB. Then when he was 4 months we switched to LFB, & used the "blue-trimmed" CPs (we would fold them in the front for extra absorption). Then we graduated to XLFB (DS weighed 30lbs by 9 mos!). All was great, except now that DS is walking ~ he kind of slimmed down back into the LFB.

The problem: Well the blue CPs are too big & bulky for walking, but the green ones are two small & have to be changed every hour. I've purchased some hemp inserts, but they were perfect rectangles & would "twist up" between DS's legs.

Has anyone found an absorbant solution that's a little more contoured for "toddler" walking?
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I use Joeys in my FB. They work great! My son is almost 2, and we haven't had any problems with bunching or leaking.
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