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Hawaii Mamas!

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Was I the only crazy woman yesterday? I woke up to sun shining through the windows, so I found every diaper DD owns, washed it, and ran to get it out on the line! I haven't line dried IN THE SUN for weeks!!

And now I have such fresh smelling diapers!
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I know what you mean. I haven't seen sunshine in a month and a half. It's SO nice to have a clear sky.

Last week we were nearly at the point of getting sandbags for our patio because the water level in our yard was so bad. Thank god the rains have stopped. I've never seen weather like this. It's probably related to global warming I'm sure.
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Yep- I'm a line drying mad woman now! For a couple days I didn't really believe the rain would stay away but now I am in heaven. My dd keeps saying everyday since the sun came out "it's a bright sunny day and I LIKE it!" when she wakes up in the morning.

Our yard was really bad too. Now all thats left of the temporary pond are hundreds (literally) of dying tadpoles. And of course mosquitos that survived.

Happy sunning
Moving back to Maui in September 2006 and and want to get to know other mom's. Currently in Norway and will be giving birth to my firstborn any day now! If you're interested in making new friends, please post a message! I'm new to this forum, so it might take some time to figure it out!
Ragnhild - I'm on Oahu not Maui but welcome to the Islands!
I think there are several Maui mamas on this board.

If you need any help with local matters please feel free to send me a Private Message (PM).

Congratulations on your soon to be newborn! I remember what an exciting period that was for me. My daughter is 9 months old now.
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