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After reading 20 pages of threads I still have some questions I hope someone can help me with ??<br>
First, let me say we are not pregnant yet but are TTC#3 so there isn't a major rush here but I want to do my homework so I am prepared when the time comes <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="thumbs up"><br>
We reside in southern Maine and I want to have a HB with a legal Midwife in attendance (forgive me I still don't know all the abbreviations). One several threads I have seen the link with state listings for legal vs illegal but I don't understand it. Maine is highlighted in purple as a "legal" state but that's all I understand of that LOL Could someone help me understand the details? I understand that in some places MW as classified as "lay midwives" and are not legally allowed to attend births ... is Maine one of those areas? In order to be legal do I need to find a certain kind of MW such as licensed or something?<br>
I have also read in many threads that homebirth itself is legal in every state which I understand but I do not want an UC I want to do this on the up and up.<br>
A bit of background history .... ds was a hospital birth 7 yrs ago. I went into labor about 2 1/2 wks prior to my EDD and the *&#^% idiots wouldn't listen to me or my body and kept trying to stop my labor. I ended up in hard labor for 76 hours due to all the drugs they kept giving me, when I said no, to try to stop labor beause they felt it was too early. When ds was finlly born he was 'overcooked' and obviously my body knew what it was doing despite Dr's opinions.<br>
dd is now 4 yrs old. When we found out we were pregnant with her we immediately sought out a new OB. I thought we had finally found our match in Dr Fredderick although she was a bit pushy about wanting us to run every test under the sun she did conceed when we declined. She was pro breastfeeding and we spent 9 months planning our water birth. Come 7am on Feb 15th I went into labor. I comfortably labored at home until I felt it was time to go. Dh called down to the hospital to tell them we were preparing to leave (after I had one more shower and fidgeted around some more lol) so they staff could prepare my pool for water birth. We got there, checked in and I walked up to my room to see that wonderful tub all set up and waiting for me. I was so happy until I was notified my Dr was on vacation! They, against my wishes, checked my cervix to see where I was and I was at 8cm but they wouldn't allow me to get in the pool until the my Dr's replacement from their practice arrived. He stalled for 45 mins to cross a parking lot that I literally could have walked in 5 minutes in full labor! When he finally arrived he came in to introduce himself took one look at me being a plus sized woman and said, "sorry, I do not feel comfortable with you having a water birth due to your size. If something were to happen we wouldn't be able to get you out of the tub" I flippped out in near hysterics ... cried and pleaded for my water birth and even told them I will sign whatever needed to waive you from responsibility because I was 1) confident nothing wrong would happen and 2) my hubby w/o question ould have single handedly pulled me out of that tub if something went wrong. Dr refused and then told the nurses to leve the tub in the room. I went through the rest of my labor having to longingly look at the tub and feel the pain of not being able to have the water birth we had planned for 9 months for. My dd was born at 5:35pm with literally no help from the Dr, he barely caught her before she hit the floor and there were 10 to 12 medical students in the room (that Dr was turned around yapping to when he almost missed catching my dd!) that I said I did not want there but noone listened to me or to hubby telling them to get out. Within 2 hours after dd's birth I wanted to go home but noone would let me until the following morning so I had to spend a night in the hospital not being able to sleep for fear of the nurses taking my dd to the nursery. They kept coming in thinking I was sleeping and would walk over to the bassinet to take her even though it was made clear several times she was NOT to be taken out of our room. Lucky for us from minute one dd has slept with me <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="orange big grin"><br>
I am so sickened with the medical community up here I want nothing to do with another hospital birth. I feel it is much safer for Mama and baby to be born at home.<br>
An issue I am fighting with though is what are my legal rights? I admire the women's stories I have read here having UC or lay-midwives in attendance but I fear CPS/DHS and know I will not proceed with a HB if I can't do so legally beyond a doubt. We are Pagan and do not vax our children and also homeschool ... CPS was out here threatening to remove my children for medical nelect even though in the state of Maine we are within legal rights to choose non-vax'ing for Philosophical Exemption. They (CPS) also tried to say we couldn't homeschool without written permission from the state (more BS since we had filed our letter of intent well within the required time frame) and they had "issues" with our religion. All of this happened just in Feb of this year and I am still in the paranoid stage whenever a car pulls in the driveway or the telephone rings even though we finally got as close to an appolagy as you can get from CPS stating they had futher researched the laws I stated to them and I was in fact correct. I still sleep with one eye open though and my children have been greatly effected with knowing someone can come into your home and threaten to take them away for no reason. As much as I detest hospital I don't think I am brave enough to have a HB illegally due to my fear of over-zealous, unfounded CPS. I can see that old bat SW's eyes rolling in her head right now if I were pregnant and made known we will continue to non vax, no circumsizing, breastfeed, cloth diaper and home school ..... she would flip before I even said homebirth LOL Not really funny but the visual I am getting of her head spinning round is amusing.<br>
So, can anyone in Maine help me out with legalities and where to begin my search? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, even if a HB isn't possible in this state I welcome advice on finding a MW/OB who will let me be as natural as I want to be during my pregnancy and birthing. I don't think I can handle another heartbreaking hospital stay.<br>

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Hi Lil,<br><br>
I responded you in the Maine tribal areas, I've birth both my boys at home, we're from Maine. Please email if you have more questions.<br><br>
As far as I've known HB in Maine is completly legal. I read that Maine is the only state that considers a vaginal birth a non-medical procedure. Not sure if that is right or not, I think I read that on<br><br>
The Midwives of Maine link I gave you will provide a list of about 20 midwives that offer homebirths. I'm not sure if there are more, I know of this group as 3 of the midwives were all present at my boys' births.<br><br>
Everyone around me fully supported my decision to birth at home, I have an uncle that is a paramedic, he was a bit worried with my first birth but after he found out how easy that one was, nothing negative was ever said again.<br><br>
All I can say is read, read and read. Read everything that you can get your hands on, books, magazines, online articles and websites. Also, I had this wonderful bond with my midwives, I fully trusted them and their abilities to guide me through my births. I enjoyed every minute of being pregnant, being in labor and giving birth.<br><br>
I have 100% confidence in myself, mind and body, as well as confidence in my DH as a birth partner. My DH also read all he could to understand what was going on with me and what will go on in the future.<br><br>
When we were pregnant with our first son, he worked a 2nd job at a video store, every night he'd bring alone a few Mothering Magazines to get him through the night, we got a lot of gifts from his customers with sweet notes about what a great papa he is going to become. The man is a walking text book about birth, he retains everything he reads.<br><br>
Well between the two posts I've responded so far, I don't want to overload you nor do I want to flood your threads with all about me email me if you want <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>
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