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hugs, mama!

Getting the lbs off is much easier than finding ways to keep them off -- and still live our active, busy lives!

There's a book called Weight Loss Apocalypse that I highly recommend anyone read for more information, and update science, related to the hcg protocol. It is written by a nutritionist/exercise physiologist (IIRC) who runs an hcg weight loss clinic. She knows her stuff AND believes in the protocol. That's an unusual combo.

This book helps to understand which of Dr. S's observations and theories have been borne out by more recent science and which haven't. I am one of those people who do better at 'doing' the right stuff if I understand the reason, logic and science behind it all.

I got the kindle edition of the book for $11 though it is available in paperback too.

I did only homeopathic hcg, not injectables and lost about 100lbs in a year. I too have had my struggles to keep all the weight off -- which has sent me on a quest to understand nutrition and led me down the rabbit hole of learning as much as I can (from a lay perspective) about metabolism and leptin and insulin and all of that.

These days I'm living quite well on a low carb eating plan that suits me.

I'm also trying out a new (to me at least) homeopathic formula called D148. It was developed, from what I can tell, to mimic the same processes in the body as the hcg formulas, but without any hcg or other hormones. For someone like myself, who seems to have hit hcg resistance, this has been awesome. I have experienced no hunger really and the lbs started coming off again.

Two observations for you (again from my layperson perspective):
-- if you are so hungry you cannot function during your normal daily tasks you should try upping your protein;

-- if you are still uncontrollably hungry you may have hit hcg-resistance and need to try another method.

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