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All right all you HCG experts I need some serious help. I have done the injectable HCG before with great results first round-had some trouble keeping off, went to round 2 when I was suppose to had ok results but was more hungry and tried another round and it was a complete failure, I was SO HUNGRY-could not do it. I have went thru some hard personal issues gained tons of weight and now I feel so bad about myself. I have 3 horses to train to ride and run barrels and I so worry about my health. I have a great hubby and 2 wonderful children 10 and 7 and I want to be around a long time for them. So what I need from you is some help from you. I have been taking some liquid vitamins, and various other stuff, one to clean my spleen and another for my adrenals, I think I may have some thyroid issues. Do I take D140 or someone was talking about some other HCG with I think amino acids I would like to take the stuff that will help me most like with appetite control and energy, on the injectable, my energy level was 0. We farm and ranch and I am super busy so need the energy. I do believe with whatever HCG I get I will also take D147. So I could sure use some help, I am a mess, any ideas or comments would be so much appreciated. Thanks Stacy
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