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HcG hell

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I hate the numbers game. I've had several miscarriages, all early, & with every pg I play the numbers game with my HcG & Progesterone levels.

I went to a NP today to attempt to get them to order an u/s because I've been spotting for about a week now. They took more blood than I thought I had & called me this afternoon with the numbers. For being 7 weeks they're really low. If my dates are off, which I've been thinking I O'd late all along, they are probably alright.

I go back on Fri. for another blood draw & Tues. for that u/s. I hate the waiting game, too.

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What was the HCG number?
Hcg is one of the pregnancy hormones. The numbers are supposed to go up exponentially each day and indicate that the pregnancy is moving along as expected.

I'm sorry your numbers are low. I know how frightening it can be and so hard to just let go. One of my great friends went through this. To make matters worse, she works in an OB office and so was testing herself incessently. She just couldn't let go, and I can't say that I blame her. She did finally have a second baby and all worked out.

I hope all works out for you and that your dates are just off. Be good to yourself till friday. Find whatever ways you can to relax and try to take your mind off it. You know there is nothing you can do to control it anyway, so try to let go. I know that is so much easier said than done.

My thoughts are with you.
I know exactly how you feel about the numbers game... I had a m/c before this pregnancy. Now, I'm 5w,3d and I get to go in every week to have blood drawn. My numbers so far look alright, but from the research I've done on hormone levels during pregnancy, they all say not to put too much emphasis on levels... The range of normalcy for hcg is very wide. Progesterone is another story though, not having enought progesterone isn't good.... it's necessary to maintain a certain level to sustain the pregnancy. But your dr. can put you on progesterone therapy if need be. I'm sure everything is fine. Once you get your u/s you'll feel much better... Good Luck and congratulations on your pregnancy.
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