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He came!

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Christopher James was born on February 21 at 11:04am! My fastest labor, hardest labor, biggest baby and easiest recovery!

Brief points since he's getting a bit fussy-

-water broke at 8pm on Saturday
-started mesioprostal at 3am on Sunday, loved my shot of fetynol at 6am
-realized he's OP (SHIT!) at 10ish
-THANK GOD I'm on my hands and knees when he comes out because he gets stuck with shoulder dystocia. He also had a tiny bit of mec. right before birth so NICU doc was already in room to take a good look at him.
-One of my bestest friends was my nurse! So wonderful to have someone I trust to be there with all the curves this little guy threw my way during labor!

8lbs 7oz (a full 15 oz biggest then my largest baby before him!) 20.75 inches (my shortest baby!) and he was 2 weeks early!

He's an angel and so wonderful. We got home this evening and the older kids are in love!
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Congratulations! Here's to a happy healthy recovery. I love his name.
Congratulations! That's so exciting. Glad everything went well.
How neat about the nurse being a good friend too.
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Congrats!!! How exciting!!!
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That's a chubby boy compared to your others, being shorter AND that much heavier.
Congratulations on a healthy baby and getting to birth with a great friend to help!
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Congrats, mama!!! Enjoy your baby and stay well!
Congratulations! Such wonderful news!
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CONGRATS and Welcome baby!
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Many Congratulations!!!
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so happy for you! Can't wait to see pics!
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Congrats on your little one!!!!!!!
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Welcome baby! Congrats!!!
Congratulations! Glad to hear you are having a good recovery.
Congratulations to you and yours!
Welcome baby!
Enjoy your babymoon with your LO!
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yay!!! congratulations to baby and momma!!

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Congratulations to all of you! It must have been really nice to have a friend there. Enjoy your baby momma!
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