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OK so I've kind of been curious about EC ever since I heard this is what mamas in some countries do.
And last night I was talking to my friend who's from Egypt, she said she and her brothers were all 'trained' at just a few months of age, and her niece was at 3 mos. (OK so I know it's more mom knowing when baby needs to go too.) I was going to ask her a little more about it but her dessert was about to burn!! so she had to get off the phone....she did say my son was probably at a good age if I wanted to try it with him...

Well, today I decided 'what the heck?' and I put him on before his bath....nothing. After his bath......nothing. Then, while he was napping, I thought about how you might introduce it to an older kid......let them watch you. So, after his nap I took him in with me. (works so I know he's not crawling around getting in trouble too!) I did my thing........then I tried him...........and HE DID IT!!!!!!!!! yeah, he'd also gone in his diaper........but he PEED IN THE POTTY!!! I'm excited.....
and it's kinda funny, I hold him on backwards so it doesn't go everywhere! lol.

I think I'll keep it up......just take him with me, and before and after naps and baths.
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