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HE DID IT!!!!!! for the first time in over a year Tracy has slept for 8 hours atraight with NO assistance!! He wen to bed at 11:05 and here it is 8:05 and he is still in bed asleep!!! I'm not worried about him dying in his sleep anymore when he sleeps...but I mean a month ago he was still waking up every hour to nurse and if he stirred and I wasn't in his bed he would get up and find me!

I'm so excited that I didn't push him to do it and I've been letting him figure it out on his own. I'm not expecting it to happen again, don't want to get my hopes up, but still!!!! YAY for Tracy!!!

Everyone kept saying I would have to resort to CIO by now or that he'd never learn without crying and you can't teach him to do it. Well, I really didn't teach him. He had put himself to sleep 1 time almost 2 this week when I had left the room. I was hoping that eventually he would realize...hey I can do this....

But like I said, I'm not hopeful it'll happen again but I hope this is the beginning!!! Its been a long 16 months "battling" Tracy and sleep. I feel like a new women this morning!!!

I just had to share!!
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