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Even though we're TTA right now, DH and I talk about having kids, birth, etc. I gave him some stuff to read and he is great with me wanting a UC, but he wants someone to be there besides him. I don't. He says they could stay in another room, he just doesn't want to be all alone, he is scared.

I definately want a UC. I want to be "all alone" except for him. Plus I want the privacy to be able to walk around my house naked whenever I feel like it, I don't want to feel cooped up in one room because someone is waiting in the other room.
I couldn't think of a single person that I would be comfortable having there, I don't think I could tolerate either of our moms, or my grandma, and I bet my sis wouldn't do it, honestly I don't want her there either. He says 'someone "level headed" who won't try to tell you what to do' and I can't think of anyone like that. I dunno how this will work out.

Anyone else have or had this problem? Any suggestions? I totally want him to be comfortable, but I don't see how I could be comfortable at the same time!

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Perhaps a "compromise"? Like having someone close by, but not "there" and them have a cell phone for him to call at a moments notice. If they are within say, five minutes or less, they could be there in a flash if he has a dire need.

Besides, you have time to work out the details. Explain the closed in room situation to him. Would he feel comfortable with you walking around nude with anyone he knows there? Perhaps he is not thinking about how "graphic" labor can be.
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