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He fell asleep on his own!

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This probably sounds really stupid, but I feel like a horrible AP mom right now!! I laid Evan down in his crib to look at his mobile--which he loves--while I took a shower and got dressed so we could go run errands. After I had gotten out of the shower, he fussed a little so I gave him his binky and turned his mobile back on, which made him much happier, so I could get dressed. I go back in there to pick him up and he's fallen asleep, completely on his own. So why do I feel like a terrible mother????

BTW--he's 5 months old today!!!
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You shouldn't feel bad at all - he obviously felt completely content and secure and it's you who created the environment that makes him feel that way.
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Don't feel bad--I think that's great! You did everything you needed to to comfort him and he felt so content, secure, and loved that he was able to fall asleep
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Thank your lucky stars! So many of us moms have babies that absolutely have no idea how to fall asleep on their own!

I would suggest that you encourage this on occasion just so babe knows that he CAN do this if needed. Do your regular parenting down for the most part, but let him go on his own every once a while.

you're not a bad mama at all! I agree that you created the environment that lets your babe feel comfortable and safe enough to drift off to sleep. Nice work mama!
thanks ladies, i really appreciate your input and encouragement! I hadn't thought about it that way at all, now i'm really proud of the momma i am!! thanks a lot!!!
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It didn't read to me that you were a horrible mother. I didn't perceive any CIO.

I'd say that your baby was ready at that particular time to fall asleep on his own.

Congratulations to you and your bub.

My DS went to sleep on his own about that age. We have gone back and forth a number of times since then where he can go weeks at falling asleep on his own and then without warning he needs us to help him to sleep for weeks. We just go with the flow.
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