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He fell out of bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Two nights ago, dh and I were awoke by a screaming babe. Ds is only 3 mths and he fell out of bed. Now I feel like a terrible mom, he is so little and man it sucked. I checked him out and he looked fine, nursed him, and he went right back to sleep. Now dh is bent on making babe sleep in a crib! Ugh, i tried to remind him that dd fell out of the bed once too, but he seems to forget this. Ugh, how can I make dh feel comfortable about all this?
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Get a bedrail? Put the bed against the wall? Put baby in the middle?

My dd just fell out for the first time (while sleeping... she's rolled off and crawled off awake a few times) recently and I felt AWFUL. But she's fine...

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We used to keep a big firm pillow on the floor next to the bed so that if Dd rolled off (and it happened -- I think it happens to every baby) she'd land on it. Also, our mattress and box springs are right on the floor.

You might point out to your DH how much *higher* a crib is to fall out of, once they get to that climbing stage. I would be terrified to have my baby fall out of a crib.
How scary! My son was about 4 or 5 mos. when he fell out of our bed onto the hardwood floor. I left for work and he was still in bed with my dh. My dh called me about 5 minutes after I arrived at work and told me to come home because our son had fallen off the bed and busted his lip pretty badly.
I felt so bad because I could have put him somewhere safer before I left but he looked content there with dh.

Angelo just fell off the bed 2 nights ago as well. He was fine....just a little scared.

Kids is going to happen. I would look into ways to prevent him from falling besides being in the crib.
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I've always been paranoid of babe falling out so I always put her in the middle, if I get out of bed I always move a pillow to block her from rolling - Most likely it scared mama and daddy more than anything. My dh would have reacted the exact same way as yours did though
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When DS was small, he rolled off the changing table and onto our marble floors!
I was so panicked -- I called DH, made him come home from work, called the ped's nurse advice hotline, cryed more than DS did! It was terrible, and probably more so for me than DS, who cried for a bit, nursed for a bit, fell asleep, and woke up in a great mood.

My DD has fallen out of bed twice -- the first time on the first morning that I returned to work, of course. Just to add even more guilt to my terrible mama feelings. The second time, I actually caught her by her legs -- I was half asleep and felt her slilp -- and she didn't even wake up. :LOL

Seriously, you know what the ped told me when DS fell? He said "That's why God makes 'em out of rubber"! And even though I know how scary it is, and how badly you feel, I'm sure your DS didn't suffer any permanent damage. Perhaps your DH needs to talk to your ped (unless the ped is against co-sleeping, NFL, etc., in which case you might not want to go there) and double check that nothing is wrong with your DS, just to allay his own fears?

, mama!
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I hear these work great!

Hope this helps!
DD fell off dh's chest on the couch last night, she was upset and scared, but not nearly as upset and scared as her daddy was.
For the bed, we have a bedrail on dh's side and the co-sleeper on my side.

To help convince your dh though, my friend's ds2 was part monkey we think (actually he had long dark hair covering most of his body--I know all babies are cute--but him--not so much. At 5 mos he could climb out of his crib--he couldn't sit unsupported, but he could climb the bars. He fell out from where the crib rail was at the highest spot (to keep him safe-right?) and fractured his skull when he landed head first from basically 4' up. A baby will almost definitely be ok falling off a bed--not so much from something higher.
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