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HE front loading Washer owners, please HELP!

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Hello everyone! I need HELP with my washer!!!! I have a Kenmore Elite HE front loader. I also have a water softening system on my house. I have always used regular old liquid Tide on my laundry. I only used a drizzle though, barely enough to cover the bottom of the tray. (anyway, NOT using regular tide anymore NOW
: ) I switched to Sensi-Clean recently for my diapers. Day before yesterday, my machine started saying SUD and F02 at the end of the cycle of diapers. I had washed my own clothes earlier in the day and used Tide. I ran the rinse cycle a couple of extra times with my diapers and they kept coming out smelling like Tide even though I'd washed them in Sensi-Clean! F02 means there is a problem with the drain, but every time I'd cancel it and run the rinse cycle, it would finish out just fine. I called Sears and they said that I have a build up of excess suds in the pump and to run cycles without any soap and with vinegar in the soap dispenser until it's all cleaned out. I did that over and over yesterday all day long and I've STILL got Tide smell in my diapers that I'm running this morning! I've run them 3 wash cycles already with NOTHING and several rinse cycles (some with vinegar, some without) and they smell SO strongly of Tide! I NEED my diapers to be clean! I'm down to nothing but CPFs and quickly running out of them and I don't want to have to ask DH to pick me up some sposies because he won't go to Whole Foods and get me the good ones, he'll stop at Walgreens and get me frickin Pampers. Blech. WHAT DO I DO to get my machine cleaned out and get my diapers clean again???

Thanks in advance for your help!
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hmm well I'm not going to be any help here!

We have a new HE3T and we use Tide Free powder and haven't had any problems. I was really concerned about the whole detergent thing too because Tide Free is one of the only ones that my children don't have problems with.

But as the diapers go...until you get your machine figured out you could always wash them by hand. I know people gasp at this...but it is an option.
I add water to my cycles. Diapers are too thirsty for the small amount of water that front loaders use.

PM me if you have any questions about my method.
Some moms have stripped their diapers with 8 rinses or more! Just keep trying.
I ahve the WHirlpool Duet which is essentially the same thing. I can only use HE soap in mine. All of the others give me the SUDS code too. I tried and tried and always get it. Go figure. I also found that the dipes come cleaner if I can use a little more than what I could if I were to use regular liquid.

I have heard that the powder creates LESS suds though.

I like ALL and Gain HE.

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