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He hates his Pickle Pants.

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I got these beautiful PP off the TP and washed and lanolized them. I was SOOOO excited. I put them on Chandler today, and he hates them. He cried and tugged on the legs the whole time. I guess it's no short style for us. He didn't mind the regular ones, but any that touch his legs won't work. I'm bummed.
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Update. He hates all wool so far. What should I do? Leave it on him until he gets used to it? Get rid of it all. I only have a few things, but I was really looking forward to using it.
How old is he? I didn't start wool soakers with ds until he was 2.5yo, and he pretty much won't wear any of it. My mom even knit him a soaker and some longies and he does the same thing - protests and pulls at them until I take them off. He wears wool covers without a problem, but nothing knit.

If he is young, you may want to wait and try again. But if he's older like my son, he may already be set in his ways. I'm just planning on indoctrinating this new baby from an early age!
I have two pairs and Kristen is sending another pair to me soon. Alek really digs em.
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He hates the knitted or crocheted stuff, but doesn't mind the stuff that is like Sugarpeas.
I don't know if this is any help, but my son hates scratchy wool so I know he could never wear Pickle Pants ( I heard they are "hardy") and stuff knitted from Fisherman's, etc. I can't even get them on him, he kicks and screams the minute his feet come into contact!! He will only wear really soft and relatively smooth stuff like Merino, and those made from Cascade 220, and other yarn that doesn't have lots of little fibres sticking out.

I recently got a pair knit from Bartlett's that were a bit scratchy and when I first received them he would not wear them, and I thought I would have to TP them. But on the advice of some other mamas here I washed them a few times and softened them in conditioner, and it's done wonders for it. Now he's happily wearing them to bed

It may be that you just need to condition the wool (I don't know what the PP ones are from and if it'll work), or else change the type of wool you're putting on him (I know this doesn't help with your Pickle Pants). Nowadays when I'm shopping for knitted wool I try to be real careful about finding out what wool it's made from, etc. The extra research is better than being stuck with a soaker he won't wear.
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Thanks for the advice. I may have to check into that a little more.
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