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He Nursed

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I have been relactating for myt 6month old son and was really having a problem getting him to go back to the breast. I put apple juice in the sns before and he took it once but wouldn't take it again. Well today I decided to try again and he took it and nursed for 15 min. on one side and then I put him down and he started crying so i picked him up and put him on the other side and he nursed for about 10 more min. I know he had to get bm too cuz It was time to pump and I usually get about 2oz at a pump session and this time I barely got any. Yippeee, now I hope he will do it again. :boy:

Debi and Cristian
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Yay, way to go!
If you can get your supply up, you could put EBM in the supplemental nurser - and his nursing plus pumping will get your supply up soon!
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I did it again and this time i put 1 oz apple jiuice, 1 oz water and 3 oz bm. he took it again and nursed for 30 min. I have tried it before with formula and or bm and he wouldn't take it. I called a LC that I got my sns from and she said to do just that, slowly get the apple juice and water out and just put ebm in. I do so hope this is the beginning of getting him back to breast. We have been trying for 2 months now.

Debi and Cristian

TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!!!
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W00t! I am thrilled for you and your wonderful little boy. That is great work!
You're doing great!!! Keep it up!!!
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I know your joy!

You sound like an awesome nursing couple
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thank you so much for all your encouragement. We had another good dayt on monday (nursed with the sns 3 times) but We didn't have such a good day yesterday, he only took the sns 1 time but I just kept trying and didn't get upset. If he really didn't want it I just gave him his bottle (with skin to skin contact) Hopefully today we will do alittle better.
We will keep trying to nurse and if not then I will pump for him.
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Great news!!! What else are you doing?

Keeping your top off and wearning him in the sling, him just in a diaper?

In the bath together is another relaxing place which may make some babies latch on. The warm water helps your milk to flow too.

After the bath, get on the bed naked and give him a massage, lie around and play. The more he sees and smells your breasts, the better.

Keep up the good work!
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