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He wants me to walk him around but I'm still healing...

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My cutie is 4 weeks old. He's to the point where he's looking around a lot more and he gets bored if he sits for too long. I don't blame him! Just sitting and bouncing/talking to him doesn't always do it. If I get up and walk around, he's fine. But I had 2nd degree tears, and still have some sore pressure on my bottom if I am standing for a certain period of time. So I'll walk around with him and talk to him, but when I get sore I need to sit down then he cries and gets pretty fussy. Plus he is so heavy my arms get very tired from carrying him (he's gaining a pound a week!).

How can I keep him satisfied if I can't walk around with him for very long when he wants to?

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I was in a similar situation with my baby. White noise helped him a lot. If he got fussy I woudl swaddle him, crank up the white noise (I used the vacuum before I got a white noise machine) and bounce on a giant exercise ball. This did the trick for my little one, but every baby is diffierent. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon! It will get easier.
thanks! I have wondered if he would like bouncing on the exercise ball, but I didn't know if I could sit on it because of the stitches. I'll try it and take it easy.
Do you have a partner or another relative who could give you breaks?
A stroller might help as well (I'm all for slings and have a huge collection that dd, dh, and I loooooove to use but strollers have their place in life even if it's not a big place!).

With a stroller you could sit in your comfy chair and push your babe back and forth...the motion might be enough to convince him he's "going places" but you wouldn't have to be up and about. My mother did this with dd (stroller on the front porch watching the world go by) in the early days and dd always seemed to enjoy her little "not walks" with grandma.

hope you heal quickly and congrats on the babe!
I second the idea of a bouncer seat. I have shoulder problems and cannot carry my son for very long. When he had colic and DH was at work, I used to put him in the bouncer and sit on the floor with him, bouncing him with a hand on his chest. He was usually just as happy as he would have been if DH had been walking him.
Slings are wonderful. It seemed like DS had a height requirement at that age, like he would only be held if he were a certain distance from the ground and being snuggled in the sling seemed to "trick" him into being ok with sitting.
I'd say ask your MW or doc before you try the exercise ball. I had a bad tear as well and I said something about using the ball to sit on instead of a regular chair and they advised against it. ALthough that was just after labour, maybe 4 weeks is fine now. They just said the ball would put too much pressure on your 'area'. A bf pillow would work better for that 'area'.
I could use vagina, but 'area' has a nice ring to it right now

But as for your question...I'd try a rocker or glider or I often use our swivel desk chair. Or just try new places to sit, at the park, on your steps or patio etc.

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