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He wiped poo all over the walls

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my 3yo is very reliable about having a pee on the toilet and extremely irratic about pooping

this morning he went on the toil;et, then in his pants twice

at bedtime i had read to him then was reading with 5yo when he called me, i yelled goodnight, then checked on him a little later, there was poo on the floor and all over the wall

dh had to give him a shower while i cleaned up his room

when i talked to him about it he said 'yes i did a poo, with his typical big smile and then i made the walls lubly (lovely) for you'

i really hope he doesnt want to go into interior design!
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Yucky! My dd did that for a while. She'd get mad for some reason, poo in her diaper, then take off her diaper and wipe poo everywhere. One day she got some in her eye. It burned her and she was terrified. She hasn't made poo poo art since!
I guess hand feeding my almost 5yo is a small price to pay for him not liking to touch anything gooey. ghbbnbnvbjnbvn
As you can see, he has no problem touching mice, computer ones or otherwise.
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