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He won't nurse to day!

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He will not have anything to do with nursing today. He's breaking my heart. He was doing so well and then all of a sudden nadda.
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How old is your fella? Are there a lot of distractions today? You sound really worried. Keep up the faith
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I'm sorry! I know you already know not to force it, maybe he is overwhelmed with the change- but he will come around! Do you co-sleep? I had the best luck getting my ds to latch on right when he was beginning to wake up, and then fall back asleep. It seems like it took forever to get him interested in nursing again! But now he is a total addict! LOL
Take a look at this link....helped me through a long nursing strike when DS would only nurse when sleepy (luckily he took a lot of naps then).
Get both of you naked into the tub and lay babe against your skin, nuzzle, sing softly and keep your breast very available. Alternately, wait until babe is drowsy and then try to tickle the lips with your nipple. hth, I've had babes refuse to nurse for a couple of times and then act like nothing ever happened the very next morning! It will pass.
Thank you all so much. I was so thrilled he was taking to it and then when he would'nt take to nursing at all today, I was very worried. I am going to crawl into a bath with him right now.
Hang in there. It is definitely two steps forward and one step back, or sometimes one step forward and two steps back, when you're trying to relactate (or get a baby to nurse in the first place). You have to take it day by day, hour by hour, and not get discouraged. If a nursing goes well - pat yourself on the back! You're doing great! If it doesn't go well - pat yourself on the back anyway, and move on!

It took me three months to get my ds to the breast full time after a very bad start. There were some highs and some very low lows - but with support from the mamas here and my family I was able to keep plugging away, and it all worked out.

You will have to define your own success - you may or may not ever get him one hundred percent to the breast, but every single drop of mama milk you get into him is a huge accomplishment!

You're doing fine, just hang in there, and spend as much time with him next to your breasts as possible.
Well, I'm thinking it may be my milk. I had a bath with him and he latched on and sucked for a few seconds and then spit it out. Same with the other side. Then I brought him downstairs and he was happy to nurse, but then after about 30 seconds spit it out again and he had a mouth full of milk. I started taking brewer's yeast last night and I can't even choke the stuff down. Could it be leaving a bad taste in my milk? Maybe I'm just grasping? It seems so odd. Maybe he just did'nt feel like nursing today. I will regroup and try again tomorrow.
I guess it could be the taste in the milk. What we eat does flavor your milk.

to you. It sounds like you're having a hard day. You're doing such a great job.

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I'm sorry he's not latching very well today. You sound pretty in tune with your babe so if you think it's the taste of the milk it probably is. Maybe it's as nasty to him as it is to his mama.:LOL They can taste a little bit of everything you eat in your milk. Maybe eat some yummy sweet thing? It's worth a try. Good luck. Check back in with us tomorrow.
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Ew, I hate Brewer's Yeast, too! I was taking it to build my supply also. Can't they make it in capsules?

I agree with the other posters about one step forward, two steps back. It's one thing to type, and another thing to live through. Plus (for me, anyhow) generally whe n you're trying to encourage bf'ing, you stay fairly cooped up. Not a great recipe for staying optimistic, I know. But you are doing a great thing!
He was just not himself yesturday. He was so snuggly and fussy all day. Last night he would'nt go down and we never have problems with him going down. I have stopped with the brewer's yeast to see if he has a better day today. I was giving him my milk with a dropper, after I pumped, so it's possible it was upsetting his tummy. We'll try again today.
hang in there! when i was teaching my dd to nurse- it was always this way. she would nurse well a fwe times and then she would stop and it always upset me. try to take it one feeding at a time and don't worry about the big picture yet.

could he be working on a tooth? my dd acts like that when she's teething. also, is he hungry when you are nursing him? it also sounds like he could be full...

keep with it! this is a rollercoaster, but you are doing such a wonderful thing for your ds!!!
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I have been putting him on when he's hungry. He freaks but is content once he gets the bottle. I tried nursing after I pumped and he latched, but he had just finished a bottle so he did'nt stay very long. Maybe I should pump a little to get it started for him and then see if he will nurse?
Yes, I think that's a great idea Cjr.
It just occured to me that he's probably getting frustrated at the foremilk. The hindmilk is sweeter and thicker but doesn't come out until they've taken enough foremilk and your milk has letdown. They usually have to nurse for a few minutes to really get hte milk flowing and this is probably frustrating him. So, I think that's a really good way to go, pump a little and then nurse him. Good luck. You're doing such an amazing thing Mama!
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