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He WOULDN'T fall asleep!

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So I have 7month old boys, I have always nursed them to sleep together, husband comes in and lays one down in a bassinet, then the other in another bassinet.

For two nights in a row, my "good" sleeper has been put in his bassinet, opened his eyes (which he does on occasion, but will quickly close them and fall asleep and stay asleep) and just kept them open. The first night my DH (and SAHD) picked him up and rocked him back to sleep (in about 20 min). When they wake up at night we bring them into bed with us (I end up in the middle, sometimes turning back and forth to nurse one or the other - usually just once). When he woke back up in the middle of the night, I nursed him (laying down) like normal, then he stopped and just looked at me. No expression, just looking at me with calm completely open eyes... I tried to get him to keep nursing, but he didn't want it. I kept my hand on his chest and he eventually drifted off.

LAST NIGHT: same thing with him waking up and staying awake when he got layed down. This time, my husband tried for an hour to get him to fall asleep, and he was just wide awake! He tried swaddling him, putting him in his crib (eventually cried and got picked up)... it was crazy! At least for us, we have never seen him do this. So I reluctantly took him back in bed, with the other one already asleep on my other side, nursed him a little, eyes wide open, then he looked up at me and giggled! Adorable, right? But not when you are trying to get everyone to sleep! and not wanting to wake the other one who is already my "bad" sleeper (wakes frequently/easily). So DH came in and got him after hearing sounds on the monitor. He kept him out in the house for TWO hours, not falling asleep!

Anyway, long story, but does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? Is my "good" sleeper going to flip flop to become a "bad" sleeper? He recently cracked the surface for his first tooth, could that be keeping him awake (although didn't appear to be in pain)? Is he just having so much fun during the day that he was a little wired?

I'll hear from DH how he was today after that...

We'd love to hear any thoughts as this is not the norm for this baby.
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what, that isn't normal? Hmmm, well I guess I can't give you any advice.

Actually our boys did this TONS until they were 9 mo old. Then I refused to get up with them and would put them back to bed (they did cry a little, but really only a couple minutes, versus the hours of playing and walking the floors if I got up with them.)

My first child didn't do this. He would go to sleep and only rouse to nurse, never get up and play (well, perhaps once or twice, but very rarely). The twins however, did this from the first months.
My twins are always switching roles too.

Is he teething? That can be very uncomfortable at that age. If so it's temporary and will pass.
He could be getting ready for a major milestone - crawling, etc. My dd did that when right before she learned how to blow spit bubbles. When she finally got it she would wake 2:30/3 to blow spit bubble for an hour or two, and then conk back out. After 3 days or so of doing nothing but blowing spit bubbles (seriously, she could entertain herself for 30min at a time doing this) she went back to normal. Her little mind was so preoccupied with learning how to blow bubbles that she couldn't sleep.
My boys did that a few times around that age. They just sat up in bed and giggled and were, yes, wide awake! The phase was very short, thank goodness!! When this happened, I did not get up or get them out of bed. I kept on sleeping and eventually they fell asleep again on their own (we have a family bed). There was no crying involved or anything.
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