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Yesterday my midwife was determining the baby's position and was surprised to discover that his head was up by my hip. For the past month or so his head has been down low in my pelvis, in fact last week the midwife said that his head was "jammed down there". She quickly realized that my bladder could be the problem - the bathroom was occupied when I arrived at the office and my bladder was pretty full at that point. She palpatated again after I went to the bathroom, and his head was back down in my pelvis. I haven't had any cervical checks so I can't say how engaged the head really is.

So this concerns me for two reasons... 1) what if I have PROM and have a full bladder at the time? I am concerned that his head wouldn't be engaged and there's the potential for cord prolapse. 2) if his head is going up and down all the time based on the condition of my bladder, then I am concerned that he's not applying good pressure to my cervix and that I'm never going to dilate. ("Never" is a strong word, but this is my first baby and I'm 39+4, so right now it does feel that I may end up pregnant forever!

Of course I hope to not experience PROM... but if it does happen I don't know how I will feel comfortable laboring at home for awhile. And even if it doesn't happen, it seems like maybe I will have to be hyper-vigilant about emptying my bladder during labor so that the baby can descend.

I probably wouldn't worry about this too much, except for the PROM/cord prolapse issue. Cord problems scare the heck out of me.

Any thoughts? Thanks.
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