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head up vent

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At the ultrasound Monday, I found out our LO is head up
My previous baby had been head down the whole time, so I'm finding it frustrating that this one is head up. Primarily because I've been trying to consistently sit and do exercises that promote good baby positioning. (DS1 was head down, but posterior which gave me horrible back labor). So this time I've been trying to get this baby into a good position (i.e. not posterior), but now I have to worry about getting his head down. Arghhh. I so don't want a c-section. I'm worried about being away from DS1 for the days I'll be in the hospital for labor and recovery. I can't imagine adding on extra days in the hospital for the c-section, then not being able to hold my toddler because of the incision.
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My baby is currently head-up, too. It worries me but I'm trying to think positive - most babies turn!
No one ever mentioned position to me, but I remember one day with DD#1 at work she turned into position. It was the weirdest sensation, like she took a big stretch and turned her body in a half circle. I think it was kind of late in my pregnancy. I actually had to stop moving for a minute because it hurt a little bit.
I would try not to worry so much, DD was head down for most of the pregnancy then turned head up somewhere around 32ish weeks. I also had very low fluid level so she couldn't turn back over and had to have a c-section. When I went for my u/s last week they said this baby is head down but to keep in mind that they are still so small they can change positions several times a day. So at this point its way too early to worry about the baby's position.
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DS was transverse until 36 weeks. I'd go get a chiropractic adjustment (Webster Technique) and he'd go head down then pop right back up. Eventually he went head down and stayed that way.

I wouldn't worry just yet but you might want to look into finding a chiro who does Webster technique
totally not something to worry about at this point. my baby's been transverse every time we've checked. no biggie. i'm not even going to think about it again for another 10 weeks.
I wouldn't worry too much at this point. Both of mine were transverse until 30ish weeks then turned down and stayed that way. This one is transverse at this point too, but I'm sure he'll turn down in time.
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It might be just me... But it seems really early to be worrying about it.
I thought it was normal for them to be up, down , and all around throughout the pregnancy. I can't sit still for 10 minutes - let alone 9 months! As birth approaches, they should move into the proper position. I wouldn't worry about it now.
My OB doesn't even get remotely concerned about positioning until 37 weeks.
Both of my children were head up until we checked around 36 weeks I think. This one a few weeks ago was transverse. When I feel around I think she changes from transverse to head up.

Positive thoughts!
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With DS1 we had our u/s at 22 weeks and he was transverse. I didn't feel him move until around 30 weeks. He was born head down back toward my front (optimal position I believe)
Oy momma - with so much else to worry about, knock this one off your plate! Babies do acrobatics ALL the time - I had a friend whose baby turned TWICE while she was in labor (he ended up being a VBAC). I have another friend who went in for her c/s for breech and as soon as they cut her open, the little bugger flipped head down. Relax, breath, think gentle head down thoughts. If you're bub is still head up at 32 weeks, then it might be time to try some pulsatilla or Webster, but for now just breath, relax and gestate in peace.
I actually had no idea that it was common for babies to be head down this early. I thought the head down positioning tended to come much later.
DS was never head down until a couple days before he was born and we just had an ultrasound today and this baby is also head up. I am not worried. I can totally feel him moving all over the place, so I am sure he will eventually settle to how he should!
We had our u/s 2 weeks ago and the baby was head up. I'm not too worried about it since it's so early but it has prompted me to address vaginal breech delivery with my midwife at our next appointment. Unless it is against hospital policy (and maybe even then) I want to have my baby naturally. Having a c-section is my biggest fear about childbirth and I want to avoid it unless the baby is in danger.

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totally not something to worry about at this point. my baby's been transverse every time we've checked. no biggie. i'm not even going to think about it again for another 10 weeks.
yup-- they'll be doing backflip in there soon!
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