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Headache....but bp is ok....? about pre-e

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I have had a bad headache for 2 days now, that tylenol is not relieving.
It throbs really hard of I bend over...feels like my eye is going to explode.

I went to the pharmacy and checked my bp on their machine, and it was 127/69, which is normal, but mine is usually about 120/60 or 110/60.

What's the deal with the headache?
Could it be the only sign of pre-E, or is high BP a definite factor?

Just being cautious,

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I had HELLP syndrome and my bp never registered above normal. It registered slightly higher for me, but not out of the range. I never spilled protein either. But I had dizziness and terrible never hurts to check it out because then when it turns out to be nothing you have peace of mind. I hope the headached subsides soon.

Can you check with your MW/OB?
My BP was 110/70 (first reading) and 102/68 (second reading) , but I am spilling proteins....
We're keeping an eye on it....
i have BP concerns, so i'm often checking my BP in the grocery store... my BP will vary that much (127/69 to 120/60) just by taking a second reading. also if i sit down for 5 minutes and take it, it will lower dramatically. try at least doing two readings in a row...

i've never had a migraine, but could this be a migraine? if it's not gone today, i'd get it checked...

hope you feel better!
I checked with the Dr. and they wrote an rx for tylenol w/codeine, which I never picked up.
My headache has seemed to have gone away!

I was getting a little worried, just because it seemed that the headache had to do with blood pressure (by bending my head down, etc)

Thanks, everyone!
It sounds like a sinus infection to me. Sinus headaches are much worse when you bend over, and the pain can be centered around an eye. Have you had a head cold lately, or allergies?

Sinus infection crossed my mind, but when I get a sinus infection, my teeth usually hurt, and no headache. And I didn't have any other symptoms, either.
Maybe just a migraine.
I had migraines with my last pregnancy, and they didn't stop until I cut refined sugar out of my diet. Turns out, my morning sickness went away, too. May be something to try.
anytime i've had a nasty headache, i've realized later i was dehydrated. hope you get feeling better soon!
I was also thinking maybe you could try to drink more water. Especially whenyou are pregnant, you need lots more water. Just to be safe, go to your dr. and get your urine, liver enzymes and bp checked. Do you have any edema, swelling of hands and face? Have you gained a large amount of weight seemingly overnight? Check out for risk factors and symptoms. Feel free to pm me if you want any additional information. I have been there and it is not fun.
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