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Healing a small placental tear

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Hi there, I had a small bleeding episode yesterday and am 16 weeks. I have had no more spotting today. I had an u/s and it was discovered that I have a very small tear on the corner edge of the placenta, the baby is doing very well, hb was 141, was very active and measuring a week ahead. I am on modified bedrest currently, no lifting my 35 lb almost 3 year old, very moderate activity, no sex. I also posted in pregnancy and birth and was told by a midwife apprentice to possibly take vitamin e to help the placenta to heal itself. I am wondering if anyone has any other advice on any herbal remedies or healing foods that could help me. Thanks for any advice you may be able to give me.
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Well I don't have any healing advice but I will tell you that during my pregnancy with my first child, at about 16 weeks, a piece of my placenta broke off. I was on bedrest for 3 weeks and then another ultrasound showed everything was fine. I went on to have a healthy little boy, not so little at 16 years old anymore.
I hope it resolves well for you.
Well I've had no more spotting, so that is good. Thank you for the response. My pregnancy has been so much different this time, I am much more fragile and just have to take it easy. Ugh.

I think I am going to research the vitamin e thing.
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