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Healing cavities...routines?

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I've been reading this forum on healing cavities for a year now and I'm still overwhelmed! I see lots of lists of things people used, but the part I wonder most about is routines- when you used them, how much, how often, etc.

I know it's a lot to ask, but for anyone who's successfully healed cavities on their own, would you be willing to give every little detail (not just a list of the things you used)? I know that myself and probably many others out there would be OH SO GREATFUL!!!!
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A TF diet of course. This prevents future decay.
Raw milk and High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil and High Vitamin Butter Oil.
Thats all. It works.

Originally Posted by PaulaJoAnne View Post
High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil and High Vitamin Butter Oil.
But I'm looking for specifics, like what dosage of butter oil every day, for example.
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Aidan is two anna half and gets a teaspoon of butter oil daily. The majority of the things people are listing, follow dosages that are on the containers. Others are incorporations of diet changes..the bone broths for instance...You can offer those to drink, make soups, cook your veggies or grains(if you eat these) in broths too, so there are lots of opportunities to add those.

It may help you to make a separate list of your intended supplements and write out to the side, the dosages. Alot of folks work with a naturopath when they are working on specific issues, so they have help to narrow down 'how many mg's or IU's'. It depends highly on what issues you are trying to correct and support, your childs weight, eating habits, many things. It can be confusing!, but you will get the hang of it
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When it comes to supplements, you must follow the dosage written on the bottles.
Dr. Ron answers questions personally, if you do not understand something about his products.
Raw milk and bone broth consumption is easy, as they are just normal foods.
Commen sense is all that is needed.
As far as how often, again read the label on the bottle.
CLO and BO are something that can and should be taken for a lifetime.
We take all three of our supps at breakfast.
Then its all done, and we go about our day.
Takes me 1/2 a minute to prep and take them.

I guess I would advise not making a big production out of it.
Do not be overwhelmed.
A few simple changes, prevents so many things going wrong in the future.
The latest copy of the WAPF magazine has an article by a family of 6 that made the switch to a TF lifestyle.
They saw a $2,000 reduction in their food costs, and at least an 80% reduction in dental and medical costs after making the switch.
You can order a copy of the mag. from
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Check out It has tons of specific info there.
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