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Jane, you are an adult, able to make the decision to eat that supplement for yourself. There are many foods that adults eat that should never be given to babies because their immature body systems simply cannot handle them. Honey is an example of that.

They were simply allowed onto the market with the stipulation of post market surveillance. This means give the formula to as many babies as possible and see what happens. Since the clinical trials (experiments on babies) were done on small numbers, this allows the formula companies to have access to the entire population of babies born in the US every year, 4 million. The formulas are under study by the Institute of Medicine for safety. This represents an enormous uncontrolled experiment that bypasses informed consent and is staunchly defended by health care professionals who are wedded to the infant formula industry.
In other words the formula companies are performing a large experiment on the world's nonbreastfed babies, without consent, without information, without informed consent.

So much for ethics and morals and trustworthiness and honor in the business world.
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