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I've been a WAHM for 15 years and started Healthy Child in 1997 to inform other parents about what I learned regarding holistic medicine for children and natural parenting. I added non-toxic organic mattresses, bedding and other healthy, safe products in 2006. Valerie, another WAHM, joined me in 2008 and we are happily raising our kids while doing our passion.<br><br>
Healthy Child provides baby and child natural health and holistic pediatric medicine information and holistic parenting training. We are currently presenting free webinars, podcasts, and interviews with holistic pediatric doctors. Our advisory board is comprised of MD holistic pediatricians and other highly competent and knowledgeable health professionals and environmental scientists. Subscribe to <a href="" target="_blank">Healthy Child Newsletter</a> for reliable information you can trust.<br><br>
We’ve done extensive research on environmental toxins and provide safe, non-toxic organic products for vibrant, healthy babies and children, including organic mattresses and bedding, and organic clothing. At Healthy Child you’ll receive the best customer service you can imagine!<br><br>
Tell us your interest in holistic medicine and what you would like to learn about. <a href="" target="_blank">Take our short survey</a> and win healthy organic prizes and discounts.
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