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Healthy mattresses for Ikea bunk bed frames

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Hi all,

I've got three kids and need to get new (affordable) mattresses and am hoping some of you might have some information and advice. Baby sleeps with us at night and will nap in crib during day so I'm getting her an organic mattress for the crib and found a reasonably priced one. But my two older kids ages 7 & 5 need twin mattresses to go in their Ikea bedframe (already purchased while on sale a while back). The size of Ikea mattresses are slightly smaller than regular so I'm concerned that I need to get the Ikea brand to make sure they fit. Their top of the line has cotton, wool, latex and foam. So here are my questions: 1) how bad/good is this Ikea mattress in terms of toxicity. I'm wondering if I get a good natural mattress cover if it will protect them from offgassing. 2) Or will a regular size twin mattress fit the ikea frames okay--I'd get organic ones (can't afford natural latex).

Thanks for any advice,

Lisa t
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We have Ikea bunk beds, and we don't have the Ikea mattresses. Instead, we bought cotton twin-size futons, which have worked great.
thanks zinnemama--that's encouraging. Were your cotton mattresses slightly different in size than the Ikea ones? The cotton mattresses I'm thinking of getting are 8 inches deep, while the Ikea ones are 6 1/2 inches (don't want my kids rolling off the top bunk!), and the length discrepancy is about a 5/8 inch which might not make a difference, as long as we can squeeze the mattress in. (The Ikea frame says the length is 74 1/2 inches, and Ikea mattress dimensions are, 74 3/8 x 38 1/4 x 6 1/2; Earthsake twin mattresses are 75 x 38 x 8)

And while we are on the topic, a question about borate powder--one brand of cotton mattress, Earthsake has a "natural cotton" (but not organic) version that is more affordable than their organic mattresses and they use borate powder (boric acid) to meet fire resistant standards. They told me that it is a naturally occurring substance non-toxic to humans. Ever heard of borate powder and it's toxicity?
Hi again zinemama,

In my mildly sleep-deprived state I missed that it was futons rather than mattresses you used--great idea! Any advice on types of futons for comfort and back health? Our kids (and myself and baby for the last month) are on queen size futons now and they aren't that comfortable, so I'd want to find futons that feel better.

Thanks for any more advice!

lisa t
We get our futons at white lotus ( They are a good quality and are very helpful when you call.

I never actually measured the Ikea mattresses. We knew we wouldn't be able to haul them back from Seattle to Portland on the top of our car, anyway, and well, we like futons!

As for what kind to get, we just went to a local store, talked to the people, lay down on a few futons, and picked something that felt comfy. I'm still sleeping on the queen futon I got 15 years ago, but let me tell ya, futon technology has changed since then. The kids' futons are way more comfortable than ours! They fit perfectly on the bunkbeds and we've never had a problem with them. (We have Ikea's smallest, most basic bunk bed).
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