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"A good start is half done"
It is true in the case of babies. To encourage healthy eating habits introducing fruits and vegetable purees to your baby in an early stage. Babies need all the essential nutrients and a proper diet for physical growth and mental development. Homemade purees are the great first bite for the babies to start with. Purees are the crazy delicious starter for 4 months plus babies (Stage I). These foods are targeted to babies who are between 4-6 months.
Stage I foods for babies are to be highly pureed and with a smooth texture which is thin and runny consistency.
It's better to start with single fruit or vegetable puree as these foods are easily digested by a tinny little tummy.
At the space of 3-4 days try to introduce new single food purees. And watch The best fruits and vegetable purees for stage I babies to start with are apple, bananas, mango, pears, plums, carrots, peas, avocados, sweet potatoes, and squashes. And it is advisable to avoid salt and sugar until your baby turns one.A balanced diet and good eating habits promote the proper physical and mental development of a growing baby. So provide the best for your little ones.
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