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Healthy tinned food ideas for toddler please

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We're going on holiday with my SIL and her family. We'll be staying at SILs mother's holiday house with some other people. They do a group supermarket shopping thing and I'm a little afraid of 1. will my 17 mo old eat what they eat 2. how healthy it will be. I'm sure some of it will be ok but I want to take along some healthy food just in case. (We're not going to be in easy reach of a supermarket).

I have a freezer full of homemade meats, veges, and cereals. But it's not feasible to take this on holiday. And I don't want to spend all week cooking foods from scratch in someone elses kitchen.

So please tell me about some healthy prepared foods that come tinned or jarred. Whole foods, low sugar, no nasty additives kind of foods. My dd practically eats anything, including spicy stuff. If you know the brand name, that'd be a good help too. I never buy prepared foods cause they're too expensive but this is an emergency.

Thanks in anticipation.
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eden organic makes canned beans already in a sauce - spicy tomato, and baked beans are the ones I've tried. Nothing in there I'd avoid, except the baked beans do have a bit of natural sweetner (molasses I think it was) - but really it wasn't sweet, and I am quite sensitive to sweets.

I'd also eat cans of organic sauerkraut in a pinch, apple butters and nut/seed butters in jars will be fine unrefridgerated until you open them.

dried seaweeds like nori sheets, or dulse are fridge free snacks

other jarred pickles (cucumber, beet, etc)

bread made out of whole rye usually can be left out for awhile as well (you know, the very dark, dense, nutty loaves - you can get them in sourdough as well)

hope that helps . . . I don't often eat food that isn't fresh!
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Originally Posted by durafemina
dried seaweeds like nori sheets, or dulse are fridge free snacks
You eat this plain, without cooking? Your children do?

When we have to travel and are staying in a hotel, besides bringing organic fruit, we have: organic, juice sweetened (but try to find unsweetened) cereal; annie's organic, whole wheat mac and cheese to make; nut butter and cracker fixings; trail mix; canned organic beans, tortillas, salsa and cheese for quesadillas; and essene bread and organic cheese for grilled cheese. This is all supplemented with lots of fresh fruits and veggies.
We eat seaweed too - the nori sheets that are already toasted (for sushi), or the snack-size nori strips that are marinated and then toasted - YUM. This is both my kids' fav snack, they are 5 and 11.
Drain and rinse a can of corn and a can of black beans. Stir together with a little salsa and add shredded cheese if desired. Serve with tortillas or chips.
Thanks! I like the bean ideas. dd looooves beans. I put Amare in her food - I suppose I could crush some up and take it along to put in her food.

We lived in Japan for 4 years and they used to crush and sprinkle the toasted nori on their rice for breakfast. A Japanese friend of mine gives her son those tiny whole dried fish to eat - very high in calcium - they're crunchy like crackers but I could never bring myself to eat them. I can eat freshed fried whitebait but not the dried kind.
how about organic canned yams (unsweetened), pineapple, asparagus, carrots, etc

canned dolmas

refried beans, chick peas, black beans


oatmeal (not canned of course)


seaweed crackers, rye crackers, vegi chips

dried fruits


apple or pear sauce
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my favorite canned veggie is hearts of palm ( or what we call swamp cabbage)
LOADED with iron/calcium, buttery girls eat it right out of the can. I love it sliced up and drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, but it is good cold .

Mandarin oranges from chinese markets that do not sit in syrup, but in their own juice.

baby corn ( just right to nibble)

canned lentils

Annie canned spaghetti or ravioli isn't to bad too
oh I LOVE heart of palm! When I stayed in Costa Rica, hearts of palm salad was a popular dish. yum!

artichoke hearts are yummie too!

oh, as for more canned or packaged foods, how about:

granola bars

canned salmon

sour kraut

pasta & sauce

brown rice

dehydrated/dried boxed or bulk items, such as, hummus, baba ganoush, refried beans, pancake mix, falafel mix, tabouleh, etc


rice cakes

jars of nut butters
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ok I went to Whole Foods and bought tinned chilli beans, baked beans, tomatoes w garlic & onion, corn, jar of salsa, and the dried hummus mix. I didn't even know you could buy dried hummus!! I really skip the prepared food aisle completely in the supermarket cause we're trying to budget really tightly.

I have almond butter in the fridge and couldn't bring myself to buy another whole jar so I'll just take some out of that jar. It should last in a cooler for about 7 hours, right?

I forgot to look for hearts of palm but I gotta try that. I can't believe there exists a vegetable in this world that I haven't tried yet. Is it an American/Latin American food? I'm very deficient about foods from these regions.
hearts of palm are harvested anywhere where cabbage palms grow- swamps of South Fla and Central America and Costa Rica. The native south Florida tribes ( Seminoles) call it swamp cabbage and it has been a staple of that tribe for ever. It is just too good for words. Most of it in the super market is in the canned section, usually around the asparagas/artichokes and mushrooms, and is imported from Costa Rica.
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