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heard the heartbeat for the first time!! 160 bpms!

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I went to the OB this morning for the heartbeat check. He didn't want to try and listen before I was between 13 and 14 weeks. He found it pretty easily and it was between 155 and 160. I'm very excited and relieved. I feel like now this whole pregnancy thing can sink in a little bit. With this and the fact that I am 14 weeks tomorrow, I am officially dropping the "hoping to make it safely past the first trimester" from my signature!

Thanks for letting me share!! (I still haven't told many people yet ... so I'm reporting the good news to y'all!)
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That's great! So nice when you get some reassurance and can start thinking of the birth really happening!
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Great news, poep!! Isn't that just the best sound ever?!
excellent news! being pregnant is so exciting!
Isn't that wonderful? I think if I had 10 babies, that is one sound I would never tire of hearing...
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Thanks for sharing in the joy with me. And, it is DEFINITELY the best sound ever!! (My whooshing stomach was not nearly as exciting!!)

Dh and I had our first midwife appointment over the weekend. I was 11 weeks and some days (5 I think). She said that she was pretty sure she could find the heartbeat with the doppler. When she tried, it took about one second to find the right spot and there it was! 156bps to 180. It was beating so fast. It was such an amazing thing for dh and I to hear together. It was like "oh.... okay... so there IS a baby in there"
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That's so great Heabrook. My hubbie was with me too, and we had a similar reaction. Being a newbie, I feel like it is all such a mystery.
It's going to be a boy, boys have faster heartbeats!!! Congrats
Yay!!! Congrats on hearing that sweet heartbeat
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